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Seventeen new houses could be built on a field near Vale School in Guernsey.

The island’s Planning Department have submitted a framework for developers to build on the agricultural land at Camp Dolent on Tertre Lane.

The site is 5-10 minutes walk from St Sampson main centre with Vale School and petrol stations nearby.

The Draft Development Framework gives a wide-range of guidance on the use of the plot, including:

  • Neighbouring residential development – There are no immediately adjoining residential properties. However, new development must respect the residential amenity of neighbouring properties to the south and west of Tertre Lane, including consideration of privacy and overlooking.
  • Access – The existing vehicular access is not suitable for a residential development of the scale proposed. Development on this site provides an opportunity to enhance pedestrian safety and access by providing a public footpath along Tertre Lane.
  • Design- Two storey buildings constitute a more efficient use of land than single storey buildings and therefore development proposals should consider a multi-storey design from the outset.
  • Renewable Energy – Proposals for the incorporation of renewable energy installations into the design of the development, such as solar tiles, is encouraged.

Based on the site, the Framework predicts between 8-17 dwellings.

Islanders are being asked to give their views before Friday 6th April.

Source: iTV

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