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The majority of buy to let investors still see buy to let as a good strong investment, with 56 per cent looking to keep or buy more rental properties.

The majority of landlords still see the sector as offering a good money making opportunity. However, there is concern that it will decline in the future with 44 per cent looking to sell. For those who are looking to leave the sector, 24 per cent are blaming falling yields. 23 per cent are concerned about tax changes and 19 per cent blame a decline in house prices.

60 per cent of landlords feel that property management had become a burden, likely because of growing regulation in the sector. 61 per cent of buy to let investors undervalued the costs that were involved.

However, some of those who are planning to sell their portfolio will remain involved in property, with 27 per cent planning to invest the money into their main property compared to a third who are thinking of re-investing in another asset class.

A significant regional divide was noted in terms of the best performing areas. Analysis from Octopus Choice revealed that typical rental properties in London cost landlords over £1,250 per annum for the first five years. While there are still hotspots such as Tower Hamlets, Barnet and Hackney, three quarters of landlords in the capital think buy to let investment will be less worthwhile in five years.

In Scotland and the East Midlands returns were more plentiful. Scottish landlords saw average annual returns of 8.8 per cent on their investment over an eight-year period, while those in the East Midlands return 8.2 per cent, making buy to let still a strong investment.

Head of Octopus Choice, Sam Handfield-Jones, said: ‘Brits still have an incessant love affair with bricks and mortar – but the hassle and cost of buy to let is a source of growing frustration, and some landlords may find that their once reliable day-to-day income is becoming harder and harder to come by. But this isn’t the case across all parts of the market, with money still to be made from the right property in the right region.’

Source: Residential Landlord

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