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A Wrexham buy to let landlord has been ordered to pay £12,000 in compensation after burning his tenant’s possessions when she fell behind with the rent.

Rogue buy to let landlord Tyrone Holmes, of Kensington Grove, in Box Lane, Wrexham, pleaded guilty to the charge of criminal damage levied on him at Mold Crown Court.

52-year-old Holmes had hired men to clear the flat that his tenant had been renting. They got rid of household furniture, clothing and electrical items.

Tennant Lydia Russell was shocked to return home to the flat, situated in Green Road, Brymbo, to find all of her possessions were gone. She received a text from her landlord that stated that her belongings had been removed from the flat.

Ms Russell had been residing in the property for six months but in recent times had fallen into rent arrears.

Holmes had instructed workmen to remove the possessions from the property. The jury at Mold Crown Court was told that when Ms Russell’s sister went to confront the landlord at his house ‘three big lads’ were standing outside near a white van and a flatbed truck.

The sister also saw two men burning items in the back garden. It appeared as though the items had been removed from the rented property. While serious rent arrears can be lawful grounds for eviction it does not justify the destructive and spiteful behavior exhibited by the rogue landlord in this case.

Prosecuting barrister Brett Williamson said: ‘Some of her property was dumped on the pavement outside and some of it was taken away. As a result, criminal damage was caused and she [the tenant] never saw some of her possessions again.’

Holmes plead guilty to the charges and the Judge Niclas Parry ordered the landlord to pay the compensation owed to Ms Russell by 31 October.

Source: Residential Landlord

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