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Plans have been put forward to demolish a house in Telford to make way for more than 80 new homes.

Shropshire Homes want to knock down the home in Wellington Road, Muxton, to build the estate of 85 homes, which will include affordable housing.

It would form part of a huge development of 665 homes plus industrial units on the site, which were put forward by Tesni Properties – close to the site on land north of Breton Park Residential Caravan Park, off New Trench Road.

Now, those living nearby have criticised the plans – with 24 objections made to Telford & Wrekin Council.

Residents claim the village is being “continually harassed” by developers and called for it to be stopped.

Richard Green, spokesman for Wellington Road Action Group, said: “Yet again we have another pot shot being fired at the residents of Muxton and in particularity those living on Wellington Road.

“This time Shropshire Homes is planning to build 85 houses on prime agricultural land. However, once again, they initially must demolish a house of outstanding character on Wellington Road to which to gain access.

“When are we, the residents, going to see the 2011 to 2031 local plan approved – only then, will this continual harassment be stopped once and for all.”

The property, called Green Gables, will be demolished to form the access to the new site.

Thirty-five per cent of the properties would be affordable. The application was submitted towards the end of November.

Council officers have said that a contribution of £600 per dwelling would be sought in order to upgrade nearby play facilities.

Howard Thorne, managing director of Shropshire Homes said: “The Tesni application is for a large area and has a number of complications – mainly concerning access and landscape impact.

“Our application is for just a small part of the Tesni site. Access will be from a modest junction on Wellington Road which meets council requirements and the site is surrounded by mature trees so there are no landscape concerns.

“The great benefit of our proposal is that, because there are no technical issues, it can be delivered very quickly. If our application is approved we expect to be building much needed houses, including over 20 affordable homes, by autumn 2018.”

Donnington and Muxton Parish Council will meet at 6.30pm today at Turreff Hall in Donnington to discuss the matter.

Mr Green has urged residents to attend the meeting.

Angry resident, Roger France, who is part of the action group, added: “The key first phase of the Tesni scheme is this access and an initial build of about 85 houses. The project is on hold awaiting conclusion of the TWC Local Plan.

“We now have another application – this time from Shropshire Homes – identical to that of Tesni’s first phase and amazingly also for 85 houses.

“By a stroke of luck, this application has a ‘village green’ in precisely the right position to allow the site’s main access road to be extended if Tesni subsequently submitted a new application for the balance of the 665 properties.”

“Shropshire Homes’ seemingly innocuous application is a cynical attempt to secure a main construction site access from Wellington Road for a major development of 665 houses and industrial units.

“If residents do not want years of heavy construction traffic polluting Wellington Road, they must write to TWC Planning Department and object to this proposal.”

Source: Shropshire Star

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