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The latest stage of plans which could see hundreds of homes built at a former old brewery have been unveiled – with 18 new apartments planned for the site.

An application has been submitted to Broxtowe Borough Council‘s planning department by developer Fairgrove Homes.

The company wants to build the new apartments as part of a wider project to redevelop the site of the old Hardys and Hansons brewery, off Harvey Road, Kimberley.

The former brewery was sold to Greene King in 2006, but it was abandoned five years later and was left to fall into disrepair.

It has since been split into a number of smaller development plots and sold to developers, who could eventually build up to 350 homes on the site.

Another application was submitted to the council in October. This sought permission to build 14 new townhouses in the brewery yard.

Originally the plan was to build a three-storey apartment block of 24 one bed rooms. This was approved in 2015.

But the developers chose to instead revise the plans after some opposition from the public, and the plans were re-submitted to seek permission to instead build townhouses, with the company saying it felt there was “more of a need for family homes”.

Chairman of the Kimberley Chinemarelian Historical Society and Kimberley Town Councillor Roy Plumb, 76, welcomed new of the latest planning application.

He said: “This will make the Kimberley area a lot more attractive for people. It is certainly one of the biggest developments we have had since the Victorian-period.

“Of course it would have been great to keep the brewery, but it couldn’t happend. A mixed residential development was the only viable option.

“The developer is keen to retain the heritage of the site, and is forward-thinking with this. The homes will be in-keeping with the site itself.

“It will develop the site into a 21st century living space, and it won’t look out of place for the area.”

The latest application, submitted in December, seeks permission to develop 18 two-bed apartments in the already existing Grade II listed maltings building.

Planning documents submitted by the developer state: “The alterations to the existing building externally are very little and barely constitute development. They will be very minor and will barely impact on the character or appearance of the area.

“The condition of the building is deteriorating rapidly since the closure of the brewery some plus 10 years ago.

“They [the apartments] will enable the building to be put back into viable usage in the long term, and will bring substantial improvements to the area long-term.”

A final planning decision on both this latest application and the one submitted in October has yet to be made by the borough council’s planning committee.

The brewery was originally opened in 1832 and was the major employer in the town with over 200 employees.

Many of the buildings are from the 1850s and 1860s, although over the years new buildings and warehouses have been continually added.

Fairgrove Homes is already developing 23 new-build homes and four conversions on the another part of the site, including 10 detached houses.

Source: Nottingham Post

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